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Functionality WITHOUT Compromise

The USA's Premier Skiing & Hiking Pole Manufacturing Company.

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle

80% of our products are made from recycled & reprocessed materials

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It's about More than propulsion & Balance

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Skiing Pole + Hiking Pole + MONOPOD = CHARPOLE

CharPoles one-of-a-kind patented design incorporates many unique features into one product to create the only true all season pole. Hiking, Skiing, Fishing, Filming, or taking photos - the CharPole has everything you need to FILM.FIX.FUN!

Hands Free Safety Strap

Finally a strap with options!  Our innovative strap can be used in the way that makes the most sense to you.  Traditionalists might prefer the familiar wrist variation, but our hands-free variation will unclip from the bottom should a tree snag your pole, potentially saving your shoulder from a dangerous situation.

Traditional Under-Over Loop


Hands-Free (GrabStrap)

Bottle Opener Baskets

Stainless steel bottle opener inserts in our baskets provide good times and increased support on deep days. 

"These baskets provide instant go where other baskets just fold and sink"

- Johan, Brighton

The CharPoles Difference

Up Your Grab-Game

Our innovative handle and "Grab Strap" design works by securing the pole to the back of your hand instead of around your wrist.  This makes it impossible to accidentally drop your poles, allowing for worry free grabs even in the biggest tricks.

Spin to win

Even though our Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Trajectory poles are built to endure hard landings, we've kept them light enough to enable smooth spinning and flipping in the terrain park.

Earn More Turns

Our ultra-light Ascent Carbon Fiber poles save you energy on the way up so you'll have more energy to enjoy the descent. We've tested our carbon fiber extensively to ensure that we haven't sacrificed durability in our effort to provide a feather-light pole.


Home Court

Shot 100% with the CharPole Built-In Camera Mount & GoPro